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Arachnid; adult 4-5cms, extremely small body and long legs (cobweb spider)


Also called Daddy long Legs, Cobweb spiders these are common house dwellers. Well recognised because of their distinct long-legged appearance and webbing in corners and ceiling/wall joints. They are not technically considered pests, since they trap and consume several species of insects in the house, but their cobwebs give the home an unkempt and unsightly appearance. Jumping spiders do just that – they jump! They are small, usually black with red or white markings, and are often found in windows. They rarely bite. Sheet-web or orb spiders have a pair of dark bands across their yellowish head-thorax and abdomen. They are common on shrubs and weeds around the house. Most people have misconceptions about spiders : they are pictured to be poisonous (even deadly), and likely to attack at any time. This not true. There are some species of spider that have a venomous bite, but only a few are found in India and usually not found in and around homes. Spiders are largely beneficial since they feed on other pests