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Angoumois Grain Moth


(Sitotroga cerealella)
Angoumois Grain Moth

Adult : Buff to pale yellowish-brown, 12-17mm long(with wings spread), hind wings abruptly narrowed at tip towards front wings, with hair-like scales. Larvae 7mm (mature) are white with a tapering body and yellowish, head with three pairs of fore-legs and five pairs of pro-legs.

Life Cycle

Eggs (up to 40) laid by female on or near grain. Larvae bore into grain and emerge as adults after 10-14 days. Entire life cycle usually takes 5-7 weeks.


A cosmopolitan pest, it is the only moth which is a primary pest of stored grains. Adults do not feed, but the larvae attack wheat, maize, rice, sorghum and barley, in both pre and post harvest stages. Infested grain has a sickening smell and taste, making it unpalatable.