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Ant - Arboreal Bicoloured


(Tetraponera rufonigra)
Ant - Arboreal Bicoloured

Large, 10.5-13mm, slender body, head and gaster black with the rest of the body orange-red; two nodes : petiole with well developed postpetiole.


Solitary forager, nesting in dead wood, rotting logs, wooden beams and posts. Very aggressive, has extremely painful sting and not shy to use it at all. Easily identified by jerky walking movements; commonly found around coconut and mango trees. Large compound eyes provide acute vision; will dart to the far side of twigs or branches when approached. Will feed on proteins but takes sugars readily; has a preference to feed on termites so its presence is a good indicator of a termite colony nearby.

Colony: Small, with a queen and few hundred monomorphic workers.