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Ant - Black Crazy


(Paratrechina longicornis)
Ant - Black Crazy

Small, slender body with long antennae and legs, dark brown to black with a gray luster, 2-3.5mm long; circular ring of hairs at the end of oval, large gaster (visible with hand lens); node absent.


Notes : commonly found scurrying around pavements and kitchens in a seemingly erratic, confused manner. Easily identified by large antennae and legs compared to body size. Feed on proteins (seeds, insects) as well as sugars, also tends homopterans. Usually moves in trails though solitary foraging also occurs. Nests made in cracks and crevices and also under floors, in voids, soil of potted plants and under bricks.

Colony : small, with many queens and few thousand monomorphic workers;  colonies can be interconnected leading to large infestations.