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Ant - Common Acrobat


(Crematogaster Spp.)
Ant - Common Acrobat

Small, 3-3.5mm long, chestnut-red body with darker, almost black, large heart-shaped gaster; two nodes and two propodeal spines, stinger present. Monomorphic workers.


Common ant, widely distributed throughout the country. Aggressive when disturbed, raises gaster high in the air (hence the name “acrobat”) to release alarm pheromone, giving off a strong odour. Gaster also raised when foraging. Carton nests constructed in damp areas indoors; outdoors in grass, decayed or damp wood, contain fungus gardens which the ant tends. Forms trails along building edges, which lead to the nest. Both proteins and sugars are fed upon; preys on termite alates and early instar larvae or various lepidopterans, also tends homopterans for honeydew.

Colony : medium, with queen and several thousand workers