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Ant - Common Ghost or Odour Ant


(Tapinoma melanocephalum)
Ant - Common Ghost or Odour Ant

Tiny, 1.5-2mm long, with black to dark brown head and mesonotum and a distinct pale yellowish-white gaster; node absent on petiole.


One of the most common ants found in urban dwellings and readily enters buildings, inhabiting crevices, cracks in walls and between cabinets and walls, soil of potted plants, old bandages, cloth lining of instrument cases and even laptops. Workers are monomorphic and run rapidly and erratically, forming trails along edges and corners. Trails are often hidden under carpets and along electrical wires. It has high moisture needs and often trails to wash-basins, commodes and bathing areas. In an outdoor environment, the ant prefers honeydew and insects, both dead and living; indoors, it can be seen running about on dining tables and kitchen slabs, looking for sweet food and sources of water.

Colony : moderate to large, can contain thousands of workers and many queens.