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Ant - Common Godzilla


(Camponotus compressus)
Ant - Common Godzilla

Large, black and opaque body, with reddish brown legs and massive gaster; major workers with large mandibles, 11-16mm long and minor workers with smaller heads, 6-8mm long; distinct triangular-shaped node on petiole.


The largest, commonly seen ant in the country, present in all habitats including parks, gardens, plantations and in and around human habitation. Common visitor to public lavatories, where it feeds on urea. Nests are usually underground galleries, at the base of trees. General predator and also tends homopterans for honeydew, foraging singly or in small groups running tandemly. Mandibles of major worker can easily slice through human skin.

Colony : moderate with queen and thousands of polymorphic workers.