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Ant - Common Red Fire


(Solenopsis germinata)
Ant - Common Red Fire

Major workers with large heads and sharp mandibles, 7mm long, reddish-yellow with mandibles and gaster dark reddish-brown; minor workers, 3-4.5mm, pale yellow with oval, reddish-brown gaster; two nodes. Polymorphic, with major and minor workers.


Takes its name from the burning sensation caused by its bite, which can also cause itching and minor swelling. Commonly found in and around homes, preferring high-protein food and is usually first to arrive at left-overs such as chicken or fish bones, forming large trails from the nest to the feeding source. Characteristic nest has a layer of soil particles raised above the ground with several entrances; nests are often made in door crevices and foundations of buildings. An invasive species, considered a pest on horticultural crops.