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Ant - Pharaoh


(Monomorium pharaonis)
Ant - Pharaoh

Tiny, major workers 3mm long with reddish-yellow body and end of gaster black; minor workers 2mm long with head and mesosoma pale in colour; two nodes. Polymorphic, with major and minor workers.


Commonly seen in backyards, gardens and parks. Preferred nesting sites in warm and humid areas near sources of food and water. Forms visible trails from nest. Indoors, it will use electrical and telephone wires, plumbing and other utility lines as trail routes. Has a wide preference for foods with protein and sugar content and forages very actively for water : sources can be unusual; aquariums, pet dishes, condensation on plumbing fixtures, air conditioners, house plants and even from wounds of immobile patients in healthcare facilities!

Colony : from small with single queen and hundreds of workers to large with several queens and several hundred thousand workers.