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Ant - Spiny Harvester Ant or Big headed Ant


(Pheidole watsoni)
Ant - Spiny Harvester Ant or Big headed Ant

Major workers with large heads (with the back of the head being heart-shaped) and mandibles, 4mm long, reddish-brown with brown gaster; minor workers, 1.5mm long, pale yellow to brown with darker head and gaster; two nodes and two propodeal spines; polymorphic, with major and minor workers.


Colonies are small, with around 200-300 members. A terrestrial ant, often making nests in wall-floor junction and cracks on floors and walls. Nest entrance is cleared and soil particles placed about 3-5cms away from it. Trails are formed readily, but usually not far away from the nest. The ant prefers seeds and insects but will readily feed on honeydew and sugary substances. Indoors, the ants forage for high-protein foods such as meats, molasses, peanut butter, pet food, cereals, etc.