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Ant - White-footed Ghost


(Technomyrmex albipes)
Ant - White-footed Ghost

Shiny black, 2.5-3mm long, with a distinctly oval gaster and the last segment of legs pale yellow to whitish in colour; node absent on petiole. Colonies are large, often containing a million (ten lakhs) or more monomorphic workers.


ften seen in gardens, forming longs trails and feeding on sources of nectar, also tending homopterans for their honeydew. Nests can also be found in flowerpots, under stones, firewood, bricks and heavy vegetation at foundations. Indoors, nests have been found in electrical circuit boards, cracks in walls and inside air-conditioners. Well-defined, easy-to-find foraging trails are tell-tale sign; commonly follow building guidelines such as edges, pavements, ledges and corners. Indoors, can be seen along the skirting and below carpet edges. Sweets are preferred food source.