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Bean Beetle


(Acanthoscelides obtectus)
Bean Beetle

Adult : 3-5mm long, yellow-green to olive body, mottled with darker brown and grey; the end of the abdomen is yellow-red. Good fliers. Larvae : white, hairy and up to 4mm long.

Life Cycle

Eggs (40-50) laid loosely inside pods or among seeds; Larvae enter and develop within the seed. Entire life cycle takes between 3-4 months.


Also called the Bean "Weevil", though it is not a true snouted weevil. Adults do not feed and are short-lived. It is a serious pest of all legume seeds, particularly beans, pulses and cow-pea. Damage is caused during the larval stage which is spent undetected within the seed coat, creating a characteristic ‘window’ during adult emergence. Often found in twin infestations, together with the Cowpea or Pulse Beetle.