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Black Carpet Beetle (Also see Varied Carpet Beetle)


(Attagenus Spp.)
Black Carpet Beetle (Also see Varied Carpet Beetle)

Adult : small, oval, yellow/black/whitish dense scales; larvae : brown, hairy with spiky appearance (A. verbasci), Larvae 4-5mm; Adult 1.5-4mm. Reddish-brown /black; larvae : hairy, with tuft of golden hair at the last abdominal segment (Attagenus)

Life Cycle

A. verbasci : Eggs (20-100) laid on feeding material; Adult life span 7-40 days. Attagenus : Eggs (50-100); Life span from egg to adult 6months-3years.


A. verbasci is the most common beetle found on carpets. Attagenus is found infesting carpets, stored woollens, skins, silks, furs and materials with high protein content such as insect and animal specimens in museums and even carbohydrates such as grains, cereal products, flour, semolina, bran and sugar.