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Black-headed Caterpillar


(Opisina arenosella)
Black-headed Caterpillar

Adult moth: grayish white small moth; female with long antenna and three faint spots on forewings; male with fringed hairs in hind wings in apical and anal margin; Larvae : Greenish brown with dark brown head and prothorax and reddish mesothorax, brown stripes on the body.

Life Cycle

Eggs (130), laid in groups on leaves. Larvae hatch in 5 days and feed for about 40 days and pupates inside the web in thin silken cocoon and emerges as adult after 12 days.


It is a serious pest of coconut and typical signs of infestation are dried up patches on leaflets of the lower leaves. Larvae live on the under surface of leaflets within galleries of silk and frassy material and feed by scraping the green matter.