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Brown Plant Hopper


(Nilaparvata lugens)
Brown Plant Hopper

Adult: Yellowish brown to dark brown in colour measuring 4.5 to 5.0 mm long. Adults are of two forms macropterous and brachypterous; Nymph : brown colour.

Life Cycle

Eggs (250-350), inserted in two rows on either side of the midrib of the leaf sheath. Nymphs hatch in 6-9 days and become adults after 10-18 days. Total life cycle is 19-23 days.


Adults and nymph suck the phloem sap leading to hopper burn & resulting in drying of leaves. High infestation causes lodging of the crop and heavy loss in yield. Infestation is severe in high yielding varieties. It is a vector of grassy stunt, ragged stunt and wilted stunt diseases