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Cashew Root & Stem Borer


(Plocaederus ferrugineus)
Cashew Root & Stem Borer

Adult: reddish-brown longicorn beetle measuring 50mm in length; Grub: elongated, creamy white with brown head.

Life Cycle

Eggs are laid in crevices and cracks of bark on the trunk; hatched grubs bore into the bark.


This pest is common in old and neglected plantations. It occurs throughout the year, but more prevalent during the rainy season. As a result the vascular tissues are damaged, the ascent of the plant sap is arrested, leaves turn yellow and are shed and finally the tree dies.

The grubs pupate in a calcareous cocoon in the soil. Symptoms of infestation include the presence of small holes in the collar region, gummosis and extrusion.