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Chili Thrips


(Scirtothrips dorsalis)
Chili Thrips

Adult : 1mm long, slender, yellowish-brown with apically pointed wings on males, and narrow with long hairs fringing the fore margins, on females. Nymphs resemble adults but are wingless.

Life Cycle

Eggs (45-50) are laid inside leaf tissues and tender shoots. Nymphs emerge after about 5 days. Nymphal stage takes 7-8 days and pupal stage, 2-4 days. Life span of adults is about 30 days.


A polyphagous pest, attacks chilli, tomato, cotton, castor, sunflower, mango, citrus, tea, grape vines etc. and causes leaf curl symptoms. Buds become brittle and drop, plants get stunted and bronzed.

Other species of economic importance are S. cardamonis, Thrips orientalis, T. palmi, Caliothrips indicus, Rhipiphotrips cruentatus.