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Cockroach - German


(Blatella germanica)
Cockroach - German

Adult : 12-15mm long, yellowish brown with two dark brown vertical bands behind the head, females larger than males.

Life Cycle

Eggs (20-40) contained in egg-case (ootheca) which is carried about by the female, protruding from her abdomen. Egg-case is glossy brown, 8mm long. Nymphs resemble adults and moult 6-7 times before becoming fully grown. Adults can live up to 4 months.


Smaller and lighter in colour in comparison to the American cockroach, it is the most common household pest. It feeds on almost all kinds of food, and is usually found infesting kitchens, especially in cracks and crevices. Young are protected by the egg-case which is carried about by the female till just before hatching. Both males and females have fully developed wings, though they are seldom used.