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Flat Grain Beetle


(Cryptolestes Spp.)
Flat Grain Beetle

Adult : 1.5-2 mm long, flat and slender, reddish-brown body with a relatively large head and neck shield and long antennae. Larvae : 3-4mm long, slim, yellow-white in colour, with pronounced tail-horns.

Life Cycle

Eggs (100-400) laid loosely in cracks or splits in grain. Life cycle usually takes between 35-85 days, depending on conditions. Larvae pupate in a cocoon and emerge as adults.


The smallest of the grain beetles, it both adults and larvae attack all types of grain and grain products and also dried fruits, groundnut seeds, herbs and oilseed cake. The larvae are freely mobile. Rapid mass reproduction leads to great heat generation in storages. Severe damage can be done to seeds and brewing barley, as this pest also feeds on seed embryos.