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Fruit Fly


(Bactrocera dorsalis)
Fruit Fly

Adult : , thorax and abdomen with narrow costal band and yellow markings on thorax and abdomen. Larvae : (third instar) 7.5-10mm. Pupae : white to yellow-brown in colour.

Life Cycle

Eggs 0.8mm long, white to yellow-white in colour, are laid below the skin of the host fruit. Larvae hatch within a day (although delayed up to 20 days in cool conditions) and feed for another 6-35 days, depending on season. Pupation is in the soil under the host plant for 10-12 days but may be delayed for up to 90 days.


A serious pest of coconut palms, damaging 34% of coconut groves. Also a major pest of oil, sago and date palms. Adults are active during day and night, although flight and crawling is generally restricted to the day. Adults are capable of long flights and can find their host plants in widely separated areas.