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Grape Mealy Bug


(Maconellicoccus hirsutus)
Grape Mealy Bug

Adult : Pinkish and sparsely covered with white wax. Nymphs, also called crawlers, are orange.

Life Cycle

Eggs (350-500) laid in loose cottony egg sacks. Crawlers hatch after 5-10 days.


Difficult pest to manage because of its habitat  - lives in protected areas such as cracks and crevices of bark, at undersides of leaves and inside fruit bunches (grape). Eggs are protected by filament like egg sacs, and late instar nymphs and females have a waxy coating. Secretes a sweet liquid called honeydew, which is coveted by ants who in turn 'farm' it and also protect it from natural predators. Fallen honeydew also leads to growth of mould on leaves, shoots and bunches of fruit.