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Khapra Beetle


(Trogoderma granarium)
Khapra Beetle

Adult : Uniformly dark, or mottled, 3mm long, do not feed or fly. Larvae : yellowish-white (early instars), middle instars brownish, later instars dark brown, covered with long hairs, 6.3mm long.

Life Cycle

Eggs (up to 80 per female) laid over several days, on food source. Larvae : development depends on conditions, and under unfavourable conditions may become dormant for up to four years! Life span of adult from 1-1 ½ months.


The most important stored produce pest from the phyto-sanitary point of view for importers /exporters, thus is the subject of strict quarantine regulations. The diapause (dormant behaviour) of the larvae makes it difficult to control. It prefers cereals and oilseeds but will feed on a variety of produce.