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Mango Stone Weevil or Nut Weevil


(Sternochetus mangiferae)
Mango Stone Weevil or Nut Weevil

Adult: brownish with short snout and papillate scales measuring about 6mm long; Grub: fleshy, light yellow with a dark head and apodous.

Life Cycle

Eggs (12-36) deposited singly by scooping out the surface of the developing fruit. Grubs hatches in 7 days and after the completion of larval period pupate inside the nut itself and emerges as adult after 7 days, total life cycle is about 50 days.


Grubs, immediately after hatching, tunnel in a zig-zag manner through the pulp, endocarp and the seed coat and reach the cotyledons. They feed on cotyledons and destroy them. Adults feed on developing seeds.