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Melon Fly


(Bactrocera cucurbitae)
Melon Fly

Adult : , thorax and abdomen with narrow costal band and yellow markings on thorax and abdomen. Larvae : (third instar) 7.5-10mm. Pupae : white to yellow-brown in colour.

Life Cycle

Eggs (up to 40), 0.8mm long, white to yellow-white in colour, laid below the skin of the host fruit; a female may lay more than 1000 eggs. Larvae hatch within 1-2 days and feed for 4-17 days before pupating in the soil. Adults hatch after 7-13 days (can be delayed for several weeks under cool conditions). Adults may live 5-15 months depending on temperature.


The large cockroach encountered flying into homes. Not a regular house-dweller, it prefers dark, moist and warms areas, such as drains and sewers.