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Mosquito - Asian Tiger or Yellow Fever


(Aedes Spp.)
Mosquito - Asian Tiger or Yellow Fever

Adult : 6.4-12.7mm long, black with striped white markings (Aedes Spp.), thin, long-legged winged insect; adults have three pairs of long, slender legs, with an elongate "beak" or proboscis to pierce skin.

Life Cycle

Eggs laid in stagnant water. Larvae develop in water and pupate after a week. Adults emerge from pupae after 2-3 days.


Only adult females bite humans and other animals as they need blood meals to produce eggs. They breed in stagnant water & Culex Spp. breeds prolifically in polluted water such as drains, cess pools, gutters, septic tanks, etc, in urban surroundings. It is the common house mosquito and a major nuisance after dusk, biting heavily and causing sleepless nights. It transmits Filaria.