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Paper Wasp, Common Wasp, Mud-daubers


(Vespula Spp.)
Paper Wasp, Common Wasp, Mud-daubers

Adult 10-15mm (worker), 20mm (queen), males (15mm); bright yellow with or without black/brown bands.

Life Cycle

Egg to emergence 6-8 weeks.


The queen after mating, builds a nest containing several chambers out of mud or wood (paper), mixed with her saliva. Paper wasp nests have a distinctive umbrella shape with exposed cells and are suspended by a single stalk. Each cell contains one larva that is fed by the queen till it emerges as a sterile adult female. These workers then take over nest care activities as the colony grows. Mud-daubers create nests of moist mud which hardens and forms good protection for the larvae developing in the cells inside. Wasps can inflict a painful sting when disturbed and some species can be aggressive, especially if one ventures too close to the nest.