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Red Palm Weevil


(Rhyncophorus ferrugineus)
Red Palm Weevil

Adult : Reddish brown, 35 mm long and 10 mm wide, with characteristic long curved rostrum (snout) and dark spots on the upper side of the middle part of the body. Short brown hairs on snout of male with bare, more slender, curved snout in the female. Larvae : upto 50mm long when fully grown, white body and brown head with well developed mouth-parts. Pupae : oval shaped coccoon made of fibre, up to 50-95mm long, intially cream coloured, turning into brown with shiny, reticulated and furrowed surface.

Life Cycle

Eggs : Oblong, shiny and creamy white (average 200), laid in wounds along the trunk or in petrioles, also in wounds caused by Rhinoceros Beetle. Grubs hatch after 3 days and pupate after 36-78 days, complete cycle taking about 82 days.


A serious pest of coconut palms, damaging 34% of coconut groves. Also a major pest of oil, sago and date palms. Adults are active during day and night, although flight and crawling is generally restricted to the day. Adults are capable of long flights and can find their host plants in widely separated areas.