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Shoot & Capsule Borer


(Conogethes punctiferalis)
Shoot & Capsule Borer

Adult moth: Yellowish with small black spots on wings; Larvae : Pale greenish with a pinkish warts dorsally and fine hairs arising on warts on the body, head and prothoracic shield are brown, grow up to 20-24 mm long.

Life Cycle

Eggs are pinkish oval flat laid singly or in groups of 2 or 3 in between the warts or just below the style on the ovary and on the tender developing capsules. Rarely eggs are laid on unopened male flowers or on leaf axils. Larvae hatch in 6-7 days and feed for 12- 16 days and pupates inside the damaged stem, peduncle or capsule in a thin silken cocoon and emerges as adult in 7-10 days. The life cycle ranges from 25 to 33 days.


Attacks  crops such as cardamom, castor, ginger, turmeric, guava, peaches, cacao, pear,  avacado, jack, mango etc. Larvae bore in to the peduncle and capsules, damaged  capsules are webbed together, peduncles and capsules show galleries made of  silk and frass.