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Wood Borers


(Lyctus & Bostrichiid Spp.)
Wood Borers

Adult : 1-3mm long, brown (Lyctus) 1.5-9mm long, reddish-brown to black (Bostrichiid).

Life Cycle

Eggs, 1mm, translucent and whitish, several laid in great precision in pores and open vessels in the wood; Larvae, 5mm, ‘C’ shaped, white in colour; Pupae - found just below wood surface - white, later turn darker.


Found in untreated or unfinished wood products; larvae bore through wood and can cause extensive damage. Typical sign of infestation is the presence of numerous fine holes with fine, powdery sawdust falling out. Infestation in finished wood means that the beetle was already in the wood (as egg or larva); emerging adults usually re-infest by laying eggs in their own exit holes.